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Finding A Cell Phone Bag Virtually Any Occasion Prom will be the event which is conducted in the college beginner"s. The young ones select most effective prom dresses, jewelry, accessories and what not. The event is filled with life. Nice refreshments, good music, awesome decoration and company of people full of enthusiasm are remembered all the time. Collect a paper plate that"s white and use as face of leprechaun. Cut out huge eyes for leprechaun and glue onto eating plan. Make nose as well as mouth and glue on. Now cut out of construction paper a dark green hat for leprechaun and glue this onto the dish. With a great black and blue print, this backpack features a built-in laptop sleeve, a protective pocket to MP3 player, a cell silicone lanyard, and multifunctional pockets and organizers. It also has adjustable padded shoulder straps, extra back support, and a great price at just $17. Lanyards are an extremely visible result. A lanyard is worn around an individual"s neck. Pens and coffee mugs can be transformed into a fixture in ones home. Although, they surely see employ this product every day, how some others will have a chance to view them? A custom lanyard worn everyday by person to sling their keys will be observed by countless others. Since most advertising tougher people who see your promotional product, the more affective it is. Male dogs have choices to choose from suits and cool lanyard and female dogs have vast varieties to choose from, the same as the ones that glossy and shiny and sequined while that are silky silky. One must remember though eliminated the clothing material lightweight since dogs tend to get stinky before too long and they need proper aeration through their outfits. Automobile wise choose from fabrics that usually can be easily washed and the ones that do not shrink. Get back easier to wear its advisable not employ buttons or zips instead use of Velcro is recommended, it makes the process of changing the clothes very convenient for the dogs and their masters. Many entities use lanyards for offer. There are many options that can be used to customize the piece, including lettering, symbols or small logos. These items are often given away free or used during special events, after one particular who gets to be a lanyard get it home and use it, giving the entity a free advertising alternative. Pillow slip cover: Knit a rectangle that is slightly wider than the pillow and slightly beyond twice the width. Sew the edges as you probably for the purse, but sew them even, leaving no flap. Slide pillow into cover up. This makes it simple to wash the pillow cover.

Oranges are scattered on the ground and new cars show damage after 28 trucks crashed in a chain collision on an expressway in Pingyu, Henan province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

A 28-trucks pileup on Monday in central China"s Henan province killed nine people and injured nine others, the local government said in a statement on Tuesday morning.

The accident happened near a toll station on an expressway in Pingyu county of the province’s Zhumadian city. The injured people have been hospitalized and are in stable condition, according to the statement.

Sudden, thick fog was the main cause of the accidents, the government said.

The Henan provincial meteorological observatory issued an orange warning for fog last week. It predicted heavy fog in 10 regions including Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Shangqiu, with visibility less than 200 meters and in some areas less than 50 meters.

Henan also shut down 31 expressways, including the Henan segment of the Daqing-Guangzhou expressway and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao expressway.

The province"s high-speed ban extended to buses, the transportation authorities said.

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